7 Reasons My Cat should be President!

HP PresidentThis has been a contentious political season, but it’s not too late to change direction! Following are seven compelling reasons to elect my cat for president. In short, Mittens:

  1. Can retract when he’s make a mistake (he’s always coughing up hairballs).
  2. Sees both sides of the issue (first he wants to go out, and then he wants to come in).
  3. Gets along well with humans – an outstanding trait for any president.
  4. Has a look-alike mouse pad so if he wanted an extra long nap, the mouse pad could stand in for him.
  5. Would not hesitate to chew out his mice president if he or she wasn’t up to the job.
  6. Has a progressive and open-minded position on dogs. Sort of.
  7. Would keep the tags on the bureau cats at the FDA (Federal Dog Administration).

OK, I admit I may not have put forth a incontrovertible argument for voting Mittens into office. But I can promise his presidency would be characterized by the Hippocatic oath, “First, do no harm.” How many other presidents or would-be presidents can you say that about?

Also published in the Huffington Post


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