Elizabeth Bennet, Barrister, Part 2

     By Deborah Guyol   Elizabeth displays her most impressive debating skills in her encounter with Lady Catherine de Bourgh, who has come to warn her against marriage to Darcy. Here at the start of the encounter we see … Continue reading

Elizabeth Bennet, Barrister, Part 1

By Deborah Guyol     Of course I’ve always wanted to be Elizabeth Bennet, from the moment I first encountered her on the page. But in my younger days, I confess, I was most taken by the fact that Fitzwilliam Darcy, … Continue reading

Being Elizabeth Bennet

By Pamela Jane I was a kid who hated school, so any book that was assigned in English was automatically suspect.  As a senior, we were assigned Silas Marner and Wuthering Heights, so predictably I decided these books were obsolete and had nothing … Continue reading

A Writer’s Inner Cosmos or Don’t Underestimate Yourself!

Note: This post was originally published in a slightly altered form at womensmemoirs.com. My late kitty, Mittens, didn’t have much personality.  As my friend and co-author, Debbie, once observed, “he’s one notch above a stuffed animal.”  I argued for two … Continue reading

Wickham or the Nameless Narrator of The Aspern Papers?

I brought this hat back from Venice when we were living in Florence a few years ago.  I know – it’s more of a Henry James than a Jane Austen thing.  Mittens has that world-weary look of the perpetual traveler. … Continue reading

An Elizabeth Bennet Moment

Have you ever experienced have an Elizabeth Bennet moment?  Or, more specifically, an Elizabeth-Bennet-defies-Lady-Catherine-moment, the experience of “saying the thing you mean to say at the moment you mean to say it.”* Or maybe you didn’t say what you meant … Continue reading


We have searched the great houses of Pride and Prejudice – Pemberley, Rosings, Netherfield Park – and lesser houses such as Longbourn and the humble parsonage of Mr. Collins. But we have not found pumpkins, or indeed any other indication that the … Continue reading

How our “Pride and Prejudice and Kitties” Query Survived 75 Agents

Until now, we’ve generally referred to the query letter that sold our book, Pride and Prejudice and Kitties, as having been sent to “X” number of agents.  But now, thanks to Galley Cat at Media Bistro, the word is out that … Continue reading

“I was miscast!” Pride and Prejudice and Kitties cats speak out!

  We did our very best to find an appropriate role for each cat whose photo appears in Pride and Prejudice and Kitties. Most cats were delighted with our choices – as is only to be expected. However, a few … Continue reading

Talking Piffle to Your Cat

I remember the day I got the idea of Pride and Prejudice illustrated by photos of cats. It came to me, no doubt, when talking piffle to my own cat, Mittens. The idea of cats playing human roles, especially in … Continue reading