Poor Mrs. Bennet!

We’re always deriding her, but how would you feel if not only your income but your house AND its furnishings were entailed? And, as we know, Mrs. B. “would be ashamed of having [an estate] that was only entailed on me.” … Continue reading

Being Elizabeth Bennet

By Pamela Jane I was a kid who hated school, so any book that was assigned in English was automatically suspect.  As a senior, we were assigned Silas Marner and Wuthering Heights, so predictably I decided these books were obsolete and had nothing … Continue reading

How our “Pride and Prejudice and Kitties” Query Survived 75 Agents

Until now, we’ve generally referred to the query letter that sold our book, Pride and Prejudice and Kitties, as having been sent to “X” number of agents.  But now, thanks to Galley Cat at Media Bistro, the word is out that … Continue reading