Lady Cat(herine) Get Her Claws out!

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Being Elizabeth Bennet

By Pamela Jane I was a kid who hated school, so any book that was assigned in English was automatically suspect.  As a senior, we were assigned Silas Marner and Wuthering Heights, so predictably I decided these books were obsolete and had nothing … Continue reading

Jane in the morning and Jane at Night!

I fell asleep listening to Emma the other night on my iPod, and woke up listening to Hitler.  Struggled to wake myself up and out of the nightmare but didn’t quite succeed.  I realized in the morning that Emma had … Continue reading

An Elizabeth Bennet Moment

Have you ever experienced have an Elizabeth Bennet moment?  Or, more specifically, an Elizabeth-Bennet-defies-Lady-Catherine-moment, the experience of “saying the thing you mean to say at the moment you mean to say it.”* Or maybe you didn’t say what you meant … Continue reading


Here’s the question – do cats understand Christmas? Perhaps they’ve heard stories of Santa Claus, a jolly old elf who flies around making mischief  delivering gifts. “But what does it do for me?” one might ask. Linus, for example, pictured above, … Continue reading

The Pride and Prejudice Primer

It’s fascinating how we look at TV and books as small children.  Even when we understand them only partially, or barely at all, they become a part us and the meaning we make of the world. I was fairly strict … Continue reading

How our “Pride and Prejudice and Kitties” Query Survived 75 Agents

Until now, we’ve generally referred to the query letter that sold our book, Pride and Prejudice and Kitties, as having been sent to “X” number of agents.  But now, thanks to Galley Cat at Media Bistro, the word is out that … Continue reading