Lady Cat(herine) Get Her Claws out!

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Christmas at Pemberly

The Last Paragraph of Pride and Prejudice and Kitties It’s that time of year, so my coauthor, Debbie, and I would like to wish our readers a very happy holiday.  And to help us remember the good times of the … Continue reading

An Elizabeth Bennet Moment

Have you ever experienced have an Elizabeth Bennet moment?  Or, more specifically, an Elizabeth-Bennet-defies-Lady-Catherine-moment, the experience of “saying the thing you mean to say at the moment you mean to say it.”* Or maybe you didn’t say what you meant … Continue reading


Here’s the question – do cats understand Christmas? Perhaps they’ve heard stories of Santa Claus, a jolly old elf who flies around making mischief  delivering gifts. “But what does it do for me?” one might ask. Linus, for example, pictured above, … Continue reading

Talking Piffle to Your Cat

I remember the day I got the idea of Pride and Prejudice illustrated by photos of cats. It came to me, no doubt, when talking piffle to my own cat, Mittens. The idea of cats playing human roles, especially in … Continue reading